Our History:

Bright Horizon Hospice was founded in May of 2009 by owners and board members, Harutyun Srmayan and Manouk “Mike” Bashian.  Both are long time residents of Fresno County and have raised families along side the rest of the community.  A few years prior to Bright Horizon Hospice beginning, a family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  The news brought the entire family together in Southern California.  Being a very close family, there was plenty of support during their loved one’s last days.  It was during this time the concept of hospice was introduced to Mike.  In that moment he knew this was something he wanted to ensure that his friends, his family, and his community would have available to them should they ever find themselves faced with similar circumstances.  Mike and Harut collaborated with a network of established and respected health care professionals throughout California to establish the core of the organization.  They then took Bright Horizon Hospice to the next level by applying and receiving Joint Commission accreditation – becoming the first locally owned hospice in Fresno to be Joint Commission accredited.  

Bright Horizon now serves Fresno County and all the five surrounding counties.  We have partnered with multiple assisted living as skilled nursing facilities in each of those areas to meet the hospice needs of Fresno and our surrounding cities.

Many have asked, “Where did the name ‘Bright Horizon Hospice’ come from?”  As the time was nearing for the family to say goodbye to their beloved matriarch, Mike had stepped out to collect himself.  As he stood on a pier in Manhattan Beach, Mike reflected on the life this woman had led, the lessons she had taught, and the legacy she left behind.  Today symbolized the beginning of what she had left the family to learn.  With that thought, the first ray of light broke through the morning haze.  As the sun slowly lit up the ocean, Mike stared out into the horizon and contemplated how bright the future would be.  Immediately he knew what his hospice agency would be named.  Bright Horizon Hospice was born.

About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, quality hospice services to those faced with terminal illness – upholding the dignity, and easing the suffering, of our patients while supporting the emotional and spiritual needs for both the patient and their loved ones during the grieving process.

The Bright Horizon Difference:

Our patients and their families are our top priority.  We are here when you need us for any hospice issue including nursing care, physician services, medications, therapy, medical equipment and supplies, respite care, counseling and spiritual support.

Services and Support

At Bright Horizon, we offer skilled nursing care, counseling, hospice aides, spiritual support and physical, occupational and speech therapy.


On Call Service

A Bright Horizon Hospice registered nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide on call service and support.  Our patients and their families have the confidence of knowing they can always reach us when necessary.

Referral Process

Upon receiving a referral, a Bright Horizon nurse and our Administrator evaluates the patient and educates the family and patient on all available options. Patients are typically admitted the same day or within 24 hours.

Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement counseling is available to the family and their loved ones during the course of the grieving process.