Hospice Care Testimonials

Family Testimonials

Dear Bright Horizon Staff,

By way of introduction, my father, William P, was a Bright Horizon client until he passed away this morning at 4:56 am. My wife has advanced early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and when my father’s treatment team was discussing a hospice placement in a skilled nursing facility, I said he could come live with me, without thinking the ramifications through very carefully.  A day or two later I was panicking as I had no idea what to do with two terminal family members living under my roof. Brigitte stepped in and took care of everything, especially giving me confidence that I would get through this very trying time.  I don’t think I would have gotten through this without her handholding.  She was phenomenal, texting or calling me day and night making sure I had everything I needed to care for my Dad, and listening to me as I unburdened myself on her.  My Dad, a physician for 50+ years, adored her.  He asked me every day if Brigitte was coming. Her vivacious demeanor and confident professionalism made both our lives so much better.  I never once doubted that she genuinely cared for us, and that I could count on her for anything.  I learned so much about the “process” of dying from her, and her straightforward, un-sugar-coated advice is exactly what I needed to help me accept the bitter reality that my Dad was not going to recover and have a few more happy years with us.  My denial made it difficult to see what my Dad’s real needs were, and Brigitte kept me focused on the here and now.  I cannot express how grateful I am to her for guiding me through this.

Enter Ms. Cruz Valles.  I did not think such compassion, tenderness, and sensitivity could still be found in young people today.  She cared so tenderly for my Dad, as well as taking the time to patiently instruct me on some basic nursing skills, e.g. turning, bed and diaper changes, personal hygiene in a bedridden pt., etc.  I will always think of her as a member of my family.  My dad loved her, and her pampering not only made him look and smell so much better, it changed his whole outlook.  I could tell she genuinely cared for him by her attention to detail when she groomed him, and it was such a comfort to both of us to have him treated with such dignity, respect, and compassion.

I only met Denise once, but I spoke with her on the phone several times, and her help in navigating the “system” was invaluable.  I loved her warmth and Southern charm.  I had little use for social workers before I met her; at least the caliber of social worker I was used to dealing with.  She is just delightful, and I have a newfound appreciation for social workers.

I don’t know where you find such exceptional young women, but you should be commended for the quality of the organization you manage.  Based on the outstanding care my father received, I intend to ask my wife’s neurologist to certify her for hospice services – her PCP already recommended it, but he wanted her neurologist to weigh in also.  I intend to ask Bright Horizon to provide services for my wife, and I have already recommended Bright Horizon to family members. Rest assured that recommendations to friends and clients will follow as needed.  I would be happy to be a reference for Bright Horizon, and you have my permission to use my name for that purpose.

On behalf of myself and my family, thank you so much for the support of your outstanding organization.

Very truly yours,

Mark  W.