Medical Equipment


Bedside Commode- Instructions for use:
The bedside commode should be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for the patient when sitting.

To adjust the bedside commode:

  • Locate the push button on each leg and depress the push button.
  • To adjust the commode higher, pull the extension down. Once you have reached the desired height, align the push button with the hole and the push button will “pop” into place and lock.
  • To adjust the commode lower, push the extension up into the outer tube. Once you have reached the desired height, align the push button with the hole and the push button will “pop” into position and lock in place.
  • To ensure that the legs are locked into position, the push button will protrude just a little from the hole. You will be able to see the push button.
  • Raise the toilet seat and remove the pail cover before using.
  • If using the bedside commode over the toilet, replace the bucket with the open sleeve that came with the commode.

Cleaning of bedside commodes:

  • Clean the toilet seat and frame with any household bathroom cleaner.
  • Clean the pail and cover with any toilet bowl cleaner and water.
  • Deodorizer may be used if needed.
  • Standard Wheelchair Equipment

Instructions for use:

  • To unfold, push armrests away from each other until wheelchair seat is extended.
  • To fold, fold armrests or lift up on the center of the seat. The frame will fold when this is done.
  • When entering or exiting wheelchair, ALWAYS ENGAGE THE WHEEL LOCKS! The wheel locks are engaged by pressing down on the levers located on each side of the wheelchair frame and just in front of the wheel rims. Push the lever until it locks into place.

Removable arms (if applicable):

  • To remove arms, push button on armrest at the level of the seat and lift up on the armrest.
  • To replace arms, align armrest with slots in wheelchair frame, insert and push down on the armrest.  The armrest will lock into place.

Swing away foot and leg rest (if applicable):

  • To swing foot of leg rest away for entering or exiting the chair, push lever on side of foot or leg rest where it attaches to the wheelchair frame and “swing” the foot or leg rest away.
  • To lock foot or leg rest back into position: swing foot or leg back towards the front of the chair.  The leg rest will lock into position.
  • To remove foot or leg rest, follow first instructions.
  • When foot or leg rest is positioned at the side, lift up to remove.
  • To replace foot or leg rest: align pins on wheelchair frame with the holes in the foot or leg rest.  Engage and swing the foot or leg rest back towards the front of the chair.  The foot or leg rest will lock into position.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Clean upholstery, arm pads, and foot or leg rest with warm soapy water.
  • Keep wheels and axles free from dirt, dust and hair.
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